What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic approach to health which focuses on:

  • Supporting the system while removing the potential cause of the disease.
  • Assisting many patients with acute and chronic conditions.

What types of therapies does Dr. Fay use to improve the health of his patients?

Dr. Fay treats the whole person with education, nutrition, homeopathy, biological remedies, soft tissue work, and detoxification.

What other services are offered in Choosing Nature?

Choosing Nature offers:

  • Weight Loss Program
  • Bowel Detox Program
  • Allergy testing
  • Parasite testing
  • Hair Analysis
  • Stool Yeast Culture
  • Nutritional Deficiency Screening

What types of labs are offered in Choosing Nature?

Choosing Nature offers:

  • Body Impedance Analysis
  • Live Blood Cell Review
  • Nutritional Test
  • Urine pH
  • Cortisol Stress
  • Vitamin C Test
  • Calcium Urine Test
  • Oxidata Test
  • Malabsorption Test
  • Chemistry Panel
  • Saliva pH
  • Glucose Test
  • Reams Panel
  • Lipid Panel
  • Sediment Rate
  • Cholesterol Test

How much is the initial visit and what does it include?

The initial visit is divided into three separate office visits:

Stage One – Lab work: (1st office visit)

  • Dr Fay will meet with the new patient to collect the urine samples and the completed intake packet.
  • The Doctor will then take a small blood sample.
  • The Doctor will perform an extensive lab analysis (see above for details) on the samples.
  • The doctor will evaluate the patient’s intake form to have an idea of the patient’s current condition.
  • The total cost of all lab tests is $250.00.

Stage Two – Initial visit (2nd office visit)

  • Dr Fay will sit down with the new patient to discuss and completely review the information in the intake packet.
  • The price of the initial visit is $270.00.*

Stage Three – Report of Findings (3rd office visit)

  • Dr Fay will discuss the patients’ lab results together with the intake form.
  • The doctor will then provide a treatment plan for the patients’ specific challenge.
  • This visit is free of charge.

What’s your policy about canceling appointments?

We do know that emergency situations arise. Please cancel your appointment 24 hr. before the schedule time. If for any reason you have canceled your appointment twice, we will ask for a deposit of $135 to hold your time slot. If you cancel a third time we will charge you for the time lost.

* Follow- up visits:

20 min. $90, 30 min. = $135, 45 min. = $225, 1 hour = $270

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