Choosing Nature and Dr. Fay

Natural Medicine is a holistic approach to health. A Naturopath focuses on supporting the system while removing the potential causes of disease, assisting patients with acute and chronic conditions.

Doctor Fay earned his degree ‘Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine’ after completing eight years of post secondary institutional work. He earned his bachelor’s degree at George Fox University, followed by four years postgraduate medical training at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

Thomas Fay, an expert in natural medicine, he works with a wide spectrum of modalities, concentrating on the individuality of each person. He coaches and empowers his clients with the information and insight they need to make choices that strengthen and support their health. The effectiveness of this partnership is contingent upon the individual’s willingness to take responsibility for their health and well being.

Medicines and therapies are recommended which emphasize prevention and self-care tailored to specific individual needs. Treating the whole-person with education, nutrition, homeopathy, biological remedies, soft tissue manipulation, and detoxification, have consistently delivered extraordinary results.

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