Lactation Support

by choosingnature on April 8, 2010

Dr Fay received the following question from patient Naomi Maddox Nielsen via our Facebook page.

Hey Dr. Tom Fay! I was just thinking about it and I’m having some problems producing breast milk and wondering if Choosing Nature would ever make a supplement for it?

And the Doctor’s response:

Dear Naomi

Thank you for your question. I have not made a supplement for the promotion of lactation but here are a few options to consider. In an attempt to support lactation naturally there are several things a nursing mother can do.

Massage the breasts with firm pressure, from the chest wall toward the nipple, to stimulate milk flow. Alter the position of the baby on the nipple so all the ducts are drained to reduce the chance to of the ducts becoming plugged and also increasing milk production.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Incorporate protein into your diet, eggs, turkey, cooked fish are good choices.
  • Include plenty of fresh, raw and lightly steamed vegetables.

Here are two Herbs to consider.

The first choice to consider would be Galega Officinalis “Goat’s rue” Goat’s rue is an effective and safe lactation promoter, increasing not only the volume of milk, but also the proportion of milk solids, so that it is not a matter of diluting the milk, but a genuine increase in production.*

Another option would be Foeniculum Vulgare “Fennel”. Fennel is known to help with suppressed lactation.*

*Herbs are considered unsafe by the F.D.A. and are not for internal use. “Even if our ancestors have used them for thousands of years, but everyone over 150 years of age has died so it must have been the herbs?”

There are so many more approaches to increasing the flow of milk but what I have provided above should address the issue. If the problem is not resolve please contact me.

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