I Can Do It Diet! Before and After 7 Weeks

by choosingnature on December 21, 2009

Before size 12

Before size 12

After 7 weeks size 8

After 7 weeks size 8

It’s the Shape not the Weight!

Total Inches Lost

  • .25″ in the neck
  • 2.25″ in the bust
  • 4.25″ in the tummy
  • 3.75″ in the hips
  • .50″ in the thighs

Total Weight lost: 3 pounds

Clothing size Lost: 2 sizes (from a 12 to an 8.)

These weight and size changes were managed in 7 weeks time with a few diet modifications, and her continued activity level.

The “I Can Do It Diet!” from Choosing Nature.

*note: Our beautiful model remains on the “I Can Do It Diet!” and we will have updated photos and stats early 2010.

Before Left side

Before Left

After 7 week size 8

After 7 weeks size 8

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Betse Bernstein December 30, 2009 at 6:25 pm

I am just starting my third month. I have been using “I CAN DO IT DIET’ through the holiday’s and enjoying my food. I was tight in my size 8 clothes and now am starting to be able to get into size 6. Hopefully after the holidays I will easily be down to all my size 6 clothes again.

Rosanne December 30, 2009 at 6:50 pm

I’ve been on this since September of this year and have lost 13.5 pounds and almost 17 inches. It’s great. Easy to follow, although not much you have to do. Certainly easier that counting calories or weighing items. I’ve got some of my friends interested in this as well. I’m starting to get comments like “Wow you look great! or You look younger”. Thank you Dr. Fay.